• 44% of middle school students have personally witnessed on the grounds of their school the above behaviors and/or illegal drug possession.
  • More than one in three teens (37%) say they can buy marijuana within a day, 17% say they can buy marijuana within an hour
  • Painkiller abuse can be dangerous, even deadly, with too high a dose or when taken with other drugs, like alcohol. Short-term effects of painkiller abuse may include lack of energy, inability to concentrate, nausea and vomiting, and apathy. Significant doses of painkillers can cause breathing problems. When abused, painkillers can be addictive.
  • While health effects of steroids vary by individual, they can include liver cysts and cancer, kidney cancer, jaundice, severe acne, and hair loss.
  • Health risks related to stimulant abuse include increased heart and respiratory rates, excessive sweating, vomiting, tremors, anxiety, hostility and aggression, and in severe abuse, suicidal/homicidal tendencies, convulsions, and cardiovascular collapse.
  • By survey, almost 50% of teens believe that prescription drugs are much safer than illegal street drugs.
  • 60%-70% say that home medicine cabinets are their source of drugs.
  • According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, teens who abuse prescription drugs are twice as likely to use alcohol, five times more likely to use marijuana, and twelve to twenty times more likely to use illegal street drugs such as heroin, Ecstasy, and cocaine than teens who do not abuse prescription drugs.
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